Serie A face impending annulment

Serie A could be cancelled

The 2019-20 Serie A could be declared cancelled if the standoff between clubs and the Health ministry is not resolved.
This is according to Italy’s sport minister Vincenzo Spadafora’s latest comments about the league.
A few days ago, during an interview with Rai he stressed that there was no assurance the league will resume.

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The government announced new guidelines that allow clubs to return to training but Spadafora’s comment suggest a restart is far from agreed and the government will end the league if the Italian Football Federation cannot reach a pact with ministry of Health.

“We will state it plainly, if all the parties agree on the protocol, training sessions will resume and, as a result, it will be a positive sign regarding the restart of the season. If there is no agreement, the government will declare the season over due to the health emergency.” -Vincenzo Spadafora [speaking to Rai].

It is thought that officials in Italy are closely monitoring the situation in France where the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 were cancelled.
If the Health experts are not convinced by the resumption plan presented by the Football Federation.

Serie A could walk down the path of Ligue 1 and Eredivisie.

One point separate Juventus and Lazio at the top of the Serie A.

A one-off game is likely to be played between the two teams to decide the winner of the title if the season is canceled.

In France, PSG won awarded the title despite the premature end to the season.

It is a case different scenario in the Netherlands where the season was declared null and void and no title was awarded.

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