Pochettino flirts with Barcelona: “You never know what will happen”

Mauricio Pochettino says he would pick a move to Barcelona over returning to his farm in Argentina contrary to the statements he made a few years ago.

While he was manager of Tottenham, Pochettino said he’d rather return to his farm than coach the Camp Nou side.

The 48-year old has now back-tracked on those statements, two years after making them.

While speaking to El Paris the Argentine made efforts to clarify his past statements:
“I have to explain things properly. I was in Barcelona that year and met Bartomeu (Barcelona president) in a bar.

“We greeted each other because we were taking our children to the same school and we spoke for five minutes.

“Rumours generated and I wanted to settle them. I didn’t want to disrespect Barcelona.

Espanyol helped make me, but I’m not arrogant and I didn’t like making a statement like that.

“Maybe now I wouldn’t because you never know what will happen.” The Argentine said.

His comments back then made sense considering the rivalry between both clubs.

He remains a target for a handful of teams across Europe.

Had the Newcatle-Saudi takeover happened, Pochettino would have been the number one candidate to replace Steve Bruce as manager.

Juventus, PSG and Barcelona are also in the mix to sign Pochettino but the Camp Nou side are not just another name in the fray.

They lost the league to Real Madrid despite holding the top spot before the La Liga went on break.

There have been rumors of a rift between the squad and the management of the club.

Also some reports claim that top influential players are unhappy with the coaching style of Quique Setien.

If these reports are anything to go by,  Mauricio Pochettino could be set to take charge of affairs at Barcelona.
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