North Korea opt-out of Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus fears

North Korea has opted not to send contingents to Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus fears.

The verdict was agreed upon in a meeting of North Korea’s Olympic committee including the sports minister Kim Il guk, and other top delegates.
A statement on the ministry’s website (Joson Sports) reads: “The committee decided not to join the 32nd Olympics Games to protect athletes from the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus,”.

This decision will ultimately set back efforts to strengthen inter-Korean relations.
The South Korean Unification Ministry wasted no time in expressing its dissatisfaction with the decision by the North.
Yoshihide Suga (Japan’s prime minister) had earlier expressed his willingness to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un if the latter attended the games but that’s very unlikely now.
Considering that they sent a cheering group of 230 people to the last edition, North Korea will be greatly missed at the Tokyo Olympics.

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