NFF outlines sharing formula for FIFA, CAF, and sponsors relief funds

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has announced how the funds received from FIFA, CAF, and two of their sponsors will be shared amongst the worthy beneficiaries.

Out of the $1.5m relief package from FIFA, $500,000 is specially designated to support women football.
While the remaining $1m was will serve as support for restarting football in the country at different levels.

The $300,000 support from CAF takes the tally to $1.8m – $200,000 will be added to the relief funds from sponsorship money gotten from Nike and Coca Cola ($100,000 each) as NFF’s contribution to the scheme which takes the cumulative total to $2m.

According to the proposed distribution, the Women Senior National team will get $100,000. Women Youth National teams (U17 and U20) will share $70,000 in between them while $20,000 was set aside for the administration of Women football.

The 16 teams in the Nigeria Women Professional League (NWPL) are entitled to $10,000 each, clubs in the second division will receive $4,000 each (14 clubs in total). $1,500 was allocated for each amateur side (12 clubs in total).
The administrators of the Women football league will receive $30,000 dollars.

NFF also budgeted funds for women’s coaching, refeering and domestic competitions, completely exhausting $500,000 on women football as designated by FIFA.

The senior men’s national team will get $200,000 from the money NFF received from FIFA, CAF and their sponsors.
Men’s junior national teams will share $125,000 from the largesse.

Teams in the Nigeria professional league will get $15,000 each (20 teams), every side in the Nigeria National League (NNL) will receive $5,000 each while the 306 teams in the Nationwide league will share ($130,000).

Provisions were also made for the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria ($30,000), the different factions of the supporters’ club ($25,000) and even the mascots ($5,000).

Complete proposed distribution list released by NFF

Some have complained about the disparity between funds allocated to men and women football but that’s a discussion for another time.

The level of transparency from the NFF must be applauded as they’ve come under a lot of criticism recently for reportedly not being transparent enough.

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