Man United want outright cash deal for Jadon Sancho

Borussia Dortmund seem to have resolved to losing Jadon Sancho in the coming months so much that they are already searching for his replacement even from Sancho’s potential new club.
Jadon Sancho has been the talk of the town in recent times, the media looks to be squeezing every bit of news or story they can get from his proposed transfer away from Dortmund.
As per reports by ESPN, Dortmund requested for Manchester United’s youngster Mason Greenwood as part of Sancho’s the deal that will see him [Sancho] move to Man Utd, the Red devils abruptly rejected it as they do not want a player plus cash deal for the 20-year old [Jadon Sancho].
Jadon Sancho is reportedly worth £100million and is wanted by Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea, Sancho is believed to prefer a move to Manchester United or Real Madrid effectively knocking Chelsea out of the race.

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