Guiseppe Conte: Clubs can train from May 18

Guiseppe Conte, Italy’s Prime Minister made a public announcement that Serie A clubs are likely to resume training by May18.

Guiseppe Conte, Italy's Prime Minister made a public announce that Serie A clubs are likely to resume training by May18. Serie A clubs can resume training

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced new measures to continue to ease quarantine rules in Italy, entering into phase two of the relaxing of rules which begins on May 4.

This includes a measure which allows football clubs to return to training from May 18.

In a nationwide television address, Conte said that beginning May 4, Italians would be allowed to use parks. They can also visit relatives and attend funerals. This is part of a phased plan for lifting restrictions as the daily number of new COVID-19 cases trends downward from a peak of 6,557 on March 21.

There have been more than 26,000 deaths in Italy from the disease since the country’s first cases were reported just over two months ago. On Sunday, Italy reported 260 new deaths, its lowest daily total since March 14.

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Conte said if all goes well, stores and museums would reopen beginning May 18. Also, sports teams could resume group training. Restaurants, cafes and hair salons would be allowed to reopen on June 1.

“I love football, it seemed strange living without Serie A but it’s what was needed. Now we start training, then we will see if competitions can return,” Conte confirmed.

It comes as Italy registered 260 coronavirus related deaths on Sunday, the lowest figure since March 14.

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