FIFA ponders more substitution for teams

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Football’s governing body FIFA are proposing an increase to the number of substitution allowed when football return.
Teams will now be able to make five substitution instead of three when they return to action in the coming months.
It is believed that the lack of proper match action in the last few months and the hectic round of matches scheduled for the restart of football will take its toll on the players.
Games are expected to be played in quick-fire-like manner when the league returns as officials look to make up for the lost time and squeeze the remaining matches into this year’s football calendar.
They will need the approval of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) to effect the plan.
“When competitions resume, such competitions are likely to face a congested match calendar with a higher-than-normal frequency of matches played in consecutive weeks.
“Safety of the players is one of FIFA’s main priorities. One concern in this regard is that the higher-than-normal frequency of matches may increase the risk of potential injuries due to a resulting player overload.
“In light of this, and in light of the unique challenge faced globally in delivering competitions according to the originally foreseen calendar, FIFA proposes that a large number of substitutions be temporarily allowed at the discretion of the relevant competition organizer.

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