Eto’o: Only Ronaldo was a better striker than me

Samuel Eto’o took part in a live-streamed chat organised by Generation Amazing, and praised Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and above all Ronaldo. The former Cameroon international takes the opportunity to name a striker he believes is better than him.

Former Barcelona and Cameroon star Samuel Eto’o, who is an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, took part in a live-streamed chat organised by Generation Amazing, a football for development programme created as part of Qatar’s successful bid to host the tournament.

Eto’o: Hard to say who has been best ever African player

In reply to who he’d pick as the best player in history in Africa, he said: “It’s difficult to say. There have been many who have won international trophies and African Footballer of the Year awards. I’m one of them, obviously. I won top tournaments with top teams. What would be ideal would be to mix together each of the African stars that there have been to create one player – he’d be the best.”

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When it came to choosing the greatest strikers in history, however, he had fewer doubts. “The best of all was Ronaldo, ‘O Fenômeno’. I have such great respect and admiration for him. Then there are a lot of us who come up behind him, and I’d include myself among them. The best current players? I’d have to go with Lionel Messi, who’s more experienced, and Kylian Mbappé, who’s the youngster making the biggest impression. I think he’s going to be the chief global star in the years to come.”

Messi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo – Eto’o’s ideal attacking trio

Eto’o also picked the greatest goal of his career and the best possible three-man forward line. He said: “My favourite goal was the one I scored against Brazil in the Confederations Cup. It was the first time my mother had come to see a game at the stadium and I was able to say, “Thanks, Mum,” with a message written on a T-shirt. As for the best attacking trio, it’s very difficult to choose, but I’d go for Messi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo ‘O Fenômeno’.”

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