Do Premier League managers need more rest?

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Football is not easiest job in the world even for some section of the fans who consider the sport a form of entertainment, they still have to deal with a bucket of emotions every game-week especially when their team is on the wrong side of the table.

The feeling of uncertainty before every game, entrancement when a player pulls an extraordinary move, disappointment when their team loses and anger at every bad call a referee makes keep the fans at the edge of their seat but it also takes a toll on their mental and physical health which maybe explains the recent mental health awareness campaign by the English FA and public health England.

Football is a team sport and the players are the main actors but are we going to neglect the managers who are responsible for the welfare of the entire team?
Who will be responsible for their own welfare?

Some leagues have the mid-season break to enable the players and managers rest but for a league like the Premier League that doesn’t have the mid-season break its tough for the managers to get any form of rest.
People are clamouring the players to have more rest but nobody seem to be considering the managers.

The players are sometimes rotated during the festive periods and for other small competitions unlike the managers.
Every manager has an assistant but its a rare occurrence to see an assistant manager take charge of a match except the manager is seriously ill, suspended or has to attend to some very personal issues.

Whether its a topflight match, cup competition or pre season friendly[when some of the first team players might still be on holiday] the managers take charge of the team.

There’s an isolated exception though Liverpool’s head coach Jurgen Kloop opted to observe the break with the senior team leaving Under-23s coach Neil Critchley to take charge of the FA cup replay tie against Shrewsbury at Anfield.

Some feel its disrespectful to the FA and the competition, on the contrary I feel it affords Jurgen Kloop a much needed rest just like his senior players.

Mental and physical health is key to the success of every human being in whatever we do.
This managers have blood running through their veins which makes them human and even though they get paid humongous amount to do their job the deserve the same care as the players [if not more].

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