COVID-19: Football Players get option for self-test

English Football League [EFL] officials have hatched a flexile plan of conducting COVID-19 tests for players as Championship teams prepare to return to training on Monday.

Amidst reports that N’Golo Kante, Troy Deeney and some other Watford players have refused to return to training due to COVID-19 fears. Officials of the EFL Championship are eager to avoid the situation that has befallen the Premier League by adopting a ‘flexible approach’ that will convince players in the second division to resume training without any controversy.

The EFL’s plan contain a three-way option which allow the players to either get testing from independent professionals, get tested by their team doctors, or self-test themselves.

It is obviously something that will speed up the testing process and maybe go a long way in persuading the players and team officials to return to training without any negative buzz.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left some football leagues and clubs in a dire financial situation, France and Netherland had to end their domestic leagues prematurely.

In England, the League One and League two have been called, clubs in the lower divisions of the EFL are set to lose around £200m this year alone.

The Premier League could take a cue from this plan and integrate it into Project restart, as it will ease the process of testing players.

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