Beach Soccer team bemoans NFF relief package snub

Nigeria National Beach Soccer team have expressed their displeasure at the decision to omit them from the relief funds distribution list released by the NFF.
The Super Sand Eagles are unhappy with the treatment they’ve gotten from the federation in recent times.

Although they remain one of the most successful teams to represent Nigeria, the NFF had earlier dropped hints of their intentions to disband the National Beach Soccer team.

But even at that, members of the team believe that they deserve a share of the bounty provided by FIFA, CAF and two of the federation’s sponsors.

The grumble from officials of the Super Sand Eagles is maybe not amplified, but it’s certainly loud enough to get the media’s attention.

Some anonymous officials have been speaking to reputable news outlets about their grievances.

Reports say the NFF still owe them match allowances from the last Beach Soccer World Cup, organised by FIFA who are themselves one of the biggest contributors to the relief funds.

Their cry for help has been met with sympathy from fans and journalists. Who believe that the Super Sand Eagles deserve to be paid their outstanding allowances even if they’re going to be disbanded.

What’s next for Beach Soccer in Nigeria?

The omission of the Beach Soccer team from NFF’s relief funds list is a strong signal that the federation’s plan to disband the team is not just a threat.
Obviously the Beach Soccer need funds to continue to exist.
If those funds won’t come from the NFF, then the officials will have to source financial assistance from somewhere else.
It is going to be difficult for sure but there’s a very good chance that Beach Soccer can survive without NFF’s financial backing.
For starters, a league could be formed where teams compete amongst themselves.
If the organisation is good, I’m certain that sponsors will literally beg to become part of it. Which in turn means funds will be available to sustain Beach Soccer’s existence in Nigeria.

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